Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Journey Continues...

So here it is.  We're packing.  Moving.  Relocating.  Once again.  Only this time, the 440 mile trip is back to where we first began.  That's right.  We're moving to the place I call HOME...

My emotions are all over the place.  Disbelief.  Excitement.  Sadness.  Elation.  A readiness to go. A pressing desire to stay.  Shortness of breath.  Yes, at times I find it hard to breathe.  Are we really moving back home?  My goodness, we are. This was not in the plan.  This is beyond my wildest dreams! This is not the right time. I have so much going on here!  Back and forth, the thoughts have been flying in my mind.  And then to my surprise... Endless tears.

I would have never imagined crying this much.  Crying daily.

More of my full testimony to come.

For now, I will share that my tears are full of sadness... as I think about the friends I'll soon be leaving.  My tears are full of brokenness... as I bow my head in recognition that God had to break me down, down to the point of total surrender... as a wife, a mother, and a daughter of the King.... only to rebuild... so that His purpose may be revealed.   My tears are full of expectation... as I think about God's plans that are yet unseen.

Sadness.  Brokenness.  Expectation.

It goes beyond where we live. It encompasses how we live.  And I am learning that God wants to ultimately press us into holiness, that we may bring Him glory where ever we live!

On to the next chapter.  For our journey continues...