Thursday, August 2, 2012

Princess and the PEE

Meet Kenedi. Age 2. The Princess...
Truly royalty in her own right, she always endeavors to do things in her time, and certainly her way. 

Potty-training. Kenedi began showing signs of readiness right before she turned 2. And admittedly, I did not take full advantage of the opportunity. Girl, are you crazy?!! If she wants to potty, let her!!! Oh I know, I know!! If only it were that simple. You see, her interest in the potty totally conflicted with my 1st trimester of pregnancy with Khloe... and Khloe definitely won! Totally engulfed in the newest pregnancy, I did not feel like doing anything!!! For 12 solid weeks, my daily goal was merely survival. Each day I just mustered up enough energy to provide food and some sort of entertainment for 4 kiddos... a book, a movie... something!... until my husband would come home from work. So to throw potty-training in the midst of all that would mean repeatedly getting up and down... taking her to and from the bathroom... cleaning up accidents???? I think not. But Kenedi was ready. Unfortunately, I was not.

And now, not surprisingly, the roles are completely reversed. Baby Khloe is here, settled and sleeping through the night. I am well rested and ready to hit the ground running... and Kenedi couldn't care less about being wet and nasty!! I have tried every method. (She's the 3rd kid, and I've been through this before!) Pull-ups... underwear... rewards... schedules... stickers... cheers... but with Kenedi, it's just not clicking! My thoughts immediately went full speed ahead.  How did our forefathers (or rather fore-mothers) get us potty-trained and on our way at 18 months old?? Why can't I succeed with this venture? Why do alllllllll the other moms around me seem to excel at potty-training, while I'm lost in the abyss of pee and poop??!! I am tempted to invest in a lifetime supply of adult diapers, because when it comes to potty-training... I. Quit.

Unfortunately, there is no happy ending to this fairytale. Only a moment in time to pause and regroup. And that is exactly what I have to do. PAUSE. In pausing, I realize that we have only officially been at the potty-training for a few days... feels like years, but it has only been days!!! (And by "officially", I mean underwear all day.) REGROUP. In regrouping, I have to look at what works, what doesn't. And try it again! After all, whether I want to believe it or not, she IS going to get it. She WILL be potty-trained. In her time, as any Princess would.

Sooooo... deep breath... Here goes another day at it!!!!!!!!

To be continued...

Do everything without murmuring or complaining.
~Philippians 2:14


  1. Just get it over with & add Kylan and Khloe in the mix, so this'll be your last round of this! LOL! Potty training isn't my thing either.

    1. LOL! I so agree. Great blog

  2. Once again, you have expressed my feelings as though you are in my thoughts, personally. I've only been through potty training once, albeit, many moons ago (my 17 year old had it down pat at 3.5 yrs). My toddler will be 4 next month, and I have decided to not stress about it and let him get it on his own time. He is dry and clean 90% of the time, but because of early pre-school and daycare, I am not brave enough to do underwear all day (plus, I don't want to put additional stress on his teachers). Thank you again for reminding me to PAUSE, REGROUP, and try it again tomorrow.