Wednesday, December 16, 2015


On a great day, my alarm sounds at 5am. It's quiet and still in our home. That's when I meet with God, uninterrupted and unhurried. I have at least an hour, yes an hour, to spend with the Lord.
I have been neglecting this 5am quiet time lately. Admittedly, my husband has a new work schedule, and my daily routine has changed. Our pace of life is different. And quite honestly, I've been too tired, more like exhausted, to get in the Word - especially at 5am. I'm still tired from the day before... and I'm exhausted at the thought of what the current day will bring. 
Consequently, I have been going through my days not only lacking physical energy... but spiritual energy as well. And I have been defeated. A lot. I have been defeated in my thoughts. I have been defeated in my actions. It seems like I have been spinning my wheels, and getting no where... Driving with 4 flat tires.
But I thank God for His reset button. You see, as much as I desired to get back on track, I don't have the means within myself to pull it off. But the Lord does! Not because I'm so good, but because He's so faithful. Yes, God continuously draws us to Himself - even when we're faithless. 
So what does that look like in real life? Let me tell you. Just this morning, I silenced my alarm, and woke up 2 hours later, already defeated. But by 7am, there remained an unusual silence in our home. And I knew the Lord was calling me to use this time to spend with Him.
I was a little leary, as I anticipated the pitter patter of little feet that would soon be coming down the stairs. But I went ahead... sat down at the table, and met with the Lord. And my children, who normally wake up at 7am, remained asleep, until 8:05am. Coincidence? Absolutely not.
God cares for me! And He loves me enough to let me struggle on my own, in my own strength... just long enough to let me see that I can't do it! But oh, He doesn't leave me there! In His unconditional love, mercy, grace... He picks me up, and HE places me on the right path!
Do you need a reset button?... Whether it's physical, mental, spiritual... Go to the Maker of your very soul! And even if it ain't pretty... Allow Him to reset you!

He restores my soul; He leads me in the path of righteousness for His name's sake.
~Psalm 23:3

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